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As a registered nurse for over 40 years, Lorraine Gantt has seen her fair share of people suffering from the effects of aging, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. When she was faced with a divorce and the looming responsibility of single motherhood, she found herself becoming emotionally stressed, smoking cigarettes, and quickly becoming overweight from an unhealthy diet. Lorraine decided, “I won’t be a victim. I’m going to turn this thing around.” She used fitness as a way to manage her stress, stop smoking, and overcome depression to create better lifestyle habits.

Today, at 64 years old, you would never guess her age by her looks or youthful energy. Lorraine enthusiasm for fitness inspired her to become motivational fitness instructor. According to Lorraine, “There are some things you can’t stop. You’re going to age, but you don’t have to get old. It’s not about getting older; it’s about getting better.” With the help of ATTAIN’s creative services, she created “Own Your Age”, a 7-workout DVD fitness program to disrupt aging.


Own Your Age came to ATTAIN+ as an unknown brand having a product, but no story and no social media or digital presence at all. OYA needed to target an older demographic that tend to engage with people and products with which they are familiar; and has only in recent years become more active online. Our creative team began with designing the brand’s logo and style guide, video graphics, DVD packaging, and a fitness photo shoot for Lorraine. We worked quickly to create the website ( and launch their social media presence.

ATTAIN’s primary goal was to establish credibility of the OYA brand, build their social audience, community engagement, and generate leads to sell their flagship product. Using an aggressive social media strategy, we created content around aspirational imagery accompanied with facts, motivational quotes, inspirational videos, and promotional product videos. ATTAIN also provided copy writing, press release, and resourced articles from around the web that targeted the 40 plus demographic to further educate and inspire health and fitness.

Within 30 days of activation, ATTAIN reached 234,000 people, establishing of 215 followers on Instagram, 741 likes on Facebook and over 13,640 engagements with the OYA brand.

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