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NSU’S GREEN TABLE TALK, which took a powerful cue from the wildly popular Facebook show hosted and produced by Jada Pinkett-Smith. The 2019 Norfolk State University talk-event was assembled to address topics related to female entrepreneurship spearheaded by women of color. Topics addressed were: Gaining access to capital, building confidence and overcoming fears, developing a strong referral network, locating mentors, balancing business and family, personal branding, and being a role model. The beautifully enrich- ing forum was moderated by media host and social influencer, Maleena Lawrence.

The forum/panel event fostered powerful new connections between aspiring female entrepreneurs of color and successful female entrepreneurs of color. Included panelists were: Pamela Jones - Owner, ICONIC Brand Marketing and Public Relations, Marvina Robinson - Owner, Stuyvesant Champagne, Candice Johnson - Franchise Owner, Sonic Drive-In Restaurant, Monica Michelle Cooper - Author/Owner, Novelista Publishing, LLC, Meisha Malone Carrington and Lisa

Dorsey WIlliams - Co-Owners, B.O.S.S. (Building Opportunities Supporting Sisters), and Sunshine Swinson - Owner, Fit Bar Juice, Smoothie & Health Food Cafe. Attain/DMC was honored to be an organizing participant of this powerful event.

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